How to pronounce Klipher?

Since there was a small argument between the makers on how to pronounce klipher , we are making sure our beloved users do it right! So here it goes! "Kliph-er" that's how you pronounce this website's name. Note:The'ph'sound is similar to that of letter 'F'

What is Klipher?

Klipher primarily aims on short-films where young film-makers find their right home. In Klipher one can add their short-films and let the whole world know what they are capable of!

Why Klipher?

You can find thousands of short-films in YouTube but how many of them get your attention? Do you have any idea how good or bad the short-film is before viewing it? This is where Klipher comes into play. Since our website being only imposed on short-films and short-film makers,you budding film makers are our royal guests! Your short-films make the frontpage at Klipher and if they are really good they make it to the "Klipher picks" column. So why be a small needle in a huge haystack of videos when you can be the mainman here.

What else Klipher is capable of ?

When it comes to promoting young talents how can we forget independent artists? Bored of just commenting on youtube that you sing really well, dance well,blah blah blah.. and make people follow your channel? Stop all that RIGHT NOW! Just work on your skills and add your video potraying your talent on Klipher, independent artists too enjoy a huge share with Klipher alongside shortfilmmakers,Whenever an artists comes up with something new and extraordinary he makes up it to the artists of the month column, Isn't that enough to make u popular? The other submissions will make it up to the independent artists column exclusively dedicated for the artists who are keen on potraying their talents.

What makes Klipher cool?

Apart from all the video submissions and getting enough fame, the real factor which would urge you to visit Klipher again n again is SOCIALIZING. When we talk about socializing it's not about sending messages to good looking guys/girls. In Klipher WE TALK BUSINESS, You find the profiles of other artists,shortfilm makers and other technicians by which you can contact them and make them part of your project. Isn't that cool? What if you are in a bad need of a really good editor for your next music video and you cant find any! JUST KLIPHER HIM!!

As users of Klipher what can you expect from us?

Guys! We aren't any commercial company who is just doing this for the sake of it! We are youngsters ,so we know how hard it is to draw the attention of people. But then if you are really good at something you will get your crowd no matter what . Klipher will just be a catalyst during your dream achieving process and put in our maximum effort to ensure that we satisfy what our user needs. So start working on your Skills and let Klipher do the rest :) Cheers!!